Niraah is a leading expert in making use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.

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All organizations across industries are being challenged by disruptions. Organizations no longer have the option to continue on as they have — they have to adopt and accelerate digitalization. It has to be done to preserve the business and the future of the business. Digital business acceleration is more important than ever now for reasons:

  • Costs and operations: The recession has driven the need to overhaul costs and streamline operations.
  • Results: The rapid responses to the pandemic make accelerating digital business seem feasible and critical for a company’s survival.

Digital transformation tends to span a mid- to long-term planning horizon and needs calibration and continuous learning. According to Gartner’s Strategic Planning Framework defines the three steps to complete transformation.

Define strategy: The first step is to consider the larger goals and initiatives that drive your business — and effectively use technology and information design patterns to improve them.

Create strategic plans: Once you have an understanding of how you can leverage information and technology to achieve your enterprise’s long-term goals, start building a strategic plan that provides guidance to realize the long-term goals.

Execute with operational plans: Deal with the execution of specific projects and changes, as well as any operational tasks not contained in the strategic plan, such as regular software upgrades or hardware maintenance. Initiate, update or refresh the strategic plans, based on new business context or direction.